Help with myOleMiss

Notice to Dial-up Users

We no longer support connections to myOleMiss from dial-up users.  The portal interface requires faster transfer of images and data than a dial-up connection can handle.  If you have dial-up at home, we suggest logging into myOleMiss from a campus computer with a broadband connection.

Add to Portal Favorites

You can create a customized list of Portal Favorites for quick navigation to the applications you use most often in myOleMiss. After you've launched one of those applications, click the box icon on the far right of the gray bar at the top of the page and select Add to Portal Favorites from the menu that appears. New Icon

As you add favorites, they will appear in the left menu under Portal Favorites.

To edit your favorites, click the left box icon on Portal Favorites and select Organize Entries.

Add to Portal Favorites
A new window will open showing your Portal Favorites. Click the icon to the right of any entry and select Delete to remove it. You will be prompted to confirm this action. When finished editing your favorites, select Close to return to myOleMiss. Organize Entries

You can open and close any of the sections on the left menu by clicking the box on the right.

Use the Site Index to go directly to any application you have access to in myOleMiss.

Collapse Icon

Supported Browsers (updated 3/20/14)

The currently recommended browsers for myOleMiss are Firefox (v. 25+) and Internet Explorer (v. 8+). (NOTE: IE11 users must disable 'compatibility mode' before using myOleMiss. Access is not currently available for MS Surface users.) While other browsers can work with most myOleMiss applications, users may occasionally encounter issues with some. If you experience an issue while using Safari or Chrome, please try one of the recommended browsers as a temporary work-around. IT continues to work with SAP to expand browser support while enhancing myOleMiss functionality.

Enabling Mixed Content in Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer, you may get the following message when using myOleMiss:
Security Information alert window

You can adjust your browser settings to eliminate the appearance of this message by doing the following:

  1. Click the Tools icon on your Internet Explorer toolbar and select Internet Options at the bottom of the menu.
  2. Click the Security tab in the box that appears, and then select the Custom level... button near the bottom.
  3. Scroll down the Settings box to the Miscellaneous section, and you will see the option to Display mixed content. Select Enable.
  4. Click OK to close the Security Settings box, and then OK to exit Internet Options.

Please note that if you allow mixed content, Internet Explorer will no longer show the lock icon when displaying pages with both secure and non-secure items.

System Updates

A system update is scheduled each day at 3:00 PM. At this time, you may experience a slight interruption of service, often in the form of a "Portal Runtime Error" message appearing somewhere in the display. If you refresh your screen, everything should work normally. If it does not, contact the IT Helpdesk at (662) 915-5222 or

Login Session Time

A login session on myOleMiss is valid for three hours. Your session will expire after three hours, and you will have to log in again to continue working in myOleMiss. When your login session expires, it may appear that you are still in myOleMiss, but you may see such anomalies as the disappearance of the left navigation panel. If this happens, log out and log in again to access the full functionality of myOleMiss.

Roles and Worksets

Roles and worksetsYou may have more than one role at the top of the page. For each role you select, several worksets are listed on the dark blue bar just below the roles. The navigation panel changes as you select each workset.

Left Navigation Panel

Click arrow to hide navigation.When using most applications, the navigation panel is open by default. You can hide the navigation by clicking the small arrowhead at the far right of the gray bar at the top of the panel.

Click arrow to open navigation. Clicking the same arrowhead opens the panel again. You can use this to see the navigation if you are working with an application where the panel is hidden by default.

Adjust navigation panel width.You can use the two small arrowheads at the left of the gray bar to adjust the width of the navigation panel.

Blue arrows open subgroups.Clicking on a small blue arrowhead in the navigation panel opens a subgroup of applications. The first application listed will appear in the main screen on the right.


Breadcrumb showing hierarchy of last application visited.An additional navigation feature called "breadcrumbs" appears just above the navigation panel. Breadcrumbs show a list of the applications you visited. You can click on any one of these to navigate back to it.

Logging Off

Log off when finished.When finished using the myOleMiss portal, you should always log off using the link in the top right corner in order to prevent unauthorized access to your data.